Exemption Forms

DR 501 – Homestead Exemption (To file online select Real Property Search on the Quick links, search for your property, then click on “Apply for Homestead exemption.”)

PA 120 – Addendum to Homestead Exemption (Separate Family Units)

DR 501A – Statement of Gross Income

DR 501T – Portability Application

DR-501M – Deployed Military Exemption Application

First Responder’s Employer Certification of Injury

First Responder’s Physician Certificate of Total and Permanent Disability

DR 501DV – Application for Homestead Tax Discount, Veterans Age 65 and Older with a Combat-Related Disability

DR 501SC – Application for Additional Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption

DR 416 – Physician’s Certification of Total & Permanent Disability

DR 416B – Optometrist’s Certification of Total & Permanent Disability

PA 121 – Homestead Exemption Removal Request Form


Land Forms

DR 482 – Application for Agricultural Classification of Land

DR 482C – Land Use for Conservation – Assessment Application

DR 482CR – Land Used for Conservation – Assessment Reapplication

DR 418C– Real Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation Exemption


Combine/Split Request Forms

Request to Combine Properties

Request to Split Property


TPP Forms

DR 405 – Tangible Personal Property Return (To file online select Tangible Property Search on the Quick links, search for your property, then click on “TPP E-File.”)

PA RR405 – Tangible Personal Property Return for Rental Property

TPP – Personal Property TRIM Explanations

Depreciation Schedule

Index Factors

Miscellaneous Forms

PA-119 – Confidentiality Request

PA-122 – Removal of Confidentiality Request

DR 402 – Declaration of Mobile Home as Real Property

DR 430 – Change of Ownership or Control Non-Homestead Property

DR 504 – Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application (Non-Profit)

RE474N – Real Property TRIM Explanations

Address Change Request

VAB Forms

PT-101 – VAB Petition Guide for Tax Payers

DR-486 – Petition to the Value Adjustment Board Request for Hearing

DR-485WI – VAB Withdrawal of Petition

DR-486PORT – VAB Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference