~Management Team~

~Field Appraisal Representatives~


As part of the duties and responsibilities Field Appraisers make onsite physical inspections of properties throughout the county in order to review condition, quality, and size of structures. Collection and updating of information accurately are a very important part of the appraisal process. These visits/reviews are done annually throughout the county, as well as those properties on which building permits have been issued.

Walton County Property Appraiser logos are prominently displayed on every Property Appraiser vehicle, and each employee wears a county issued photo ID badge. Field Appraisers will always knock in an attempt to make contact before beginning any review of the property. If you are not home or do not answer they will leave their card or a door hanger to let you know they were on the property performing an inspection. During the onsite inspection they may measure, take pictures, and walk around the perimeter of the structure to make certain your assessment is as accurate as possible.

As the property owner or tenant, you do not have to allow the onsite inspection to take place and may ask the appraiser to leave at any time, although the onsite inspection is a vital part of the process to ensure that the property is fairly assessed.

However, the current owner of the property may receive a call or be sent a letter by the Residential Supervisor requesting an appointment for another date and time to review the property.

Field Department Property Access Letter